Born in New York and raised in the seaside town of Bray, Irish singer-songwriter Ódú, better know to her friends as Sally Ó Dúnlaing, was always destined to be a colourful curator of pop.  "I've always been drawn to people who make balls out of pop; people who have personality and something to say like Marina and the Diamonds, Tove Lo and Susanne Sundfor; credible artists who have made their mark by being vulnerable and telling their story without ever dulling their pop sheen."

On her latest single "Feed You Lies", Ódú opens up about self-sabotaging her career and turns it into a shimmering, indie-disco number, propelled by a bass line that Nile Rogers would be proud of.

Ódú is set to release her debut EP 'Conversations' with producers Elliot Marchant, James Darkin and Michael Heffernan at the helm.  The five track collection is a kaleidoscopic journey through 80's synth pop to indie-disco to tropical pop, all lifted by Ódú's luxe and subtly jazz-inflected vocals.