Boa Morte formed in Cork, Ireland in 1998, rising from the dust of a couple of ragged but respected indie bands. Their debut album, 'Soon It Will Come Time To Face The World Outside (2002), was released to widespread critical acclaim. Those impressed by the record included Uncut, Mojo, Q Magazine and John Peel. The band toured throughout Ireland and the UK playing with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Howe Gelb and Calexico.

Boa Morte’s second album, “The Dial Waltz” (2009) followed a similar aesthetic and was equally well-received, Q magazine hailing the record as a “supremely elegant sound-track for staring into your half-empty pint.” 

Set for release this October, the band's third album ‘Before There Was Air’ sees Boa Morte infuse their brand of slow-burning, alternative folk with elements of electronic, ambient and new-classical music. The album was recorded last year at Herbert Place Studios, with James Darkin at the desk. To fully capture the subtleties of the band’s quiet dynamic, Darkin installed them in the same room with the mics opened wide. The basic tracks were then layered with analogue synths, drones, piano, wind, strings and effects.

You can hear a decade of hard won experience on ‘Before There Was Air’, a record that distills broad musical influences to enhance their singular, tuneful avant-folk, while remaining distinctly Boa Morte.