Autre Monde is Paddy Hanna, Padraig Cooney, Mark Chester and Eoghan O'Brien.  They are from Dublin in Ireland and they share a tangled history in many Popical Island Collective related bands including Land Lovers, Skelocrats, Ginnels, No Monster Club and Grand Pocket Orchestra.

The bands first four singles were championed by Nialler9 ("a delight), The Irish Times ("displaying a fine-line of early-1980's-inspired rock"), ("immediate sophistication") and The Thin Air ("as debut material goes, this is as good as it gets").  This early acclaim has led to an appearance at the Sounds from a Safe Harbour music trail in Cork, and also to opening for The Dears on the Irish leg of their European tour.

Following that ebullient reception, a self-titled EP is next up.  These 4 cuts see the band delving into murkier territory informed by Can, Total Control and John Foxx before sweetening the pill with Interpretive Centre's Television-meets-Go-Betweens melodicism.  Public-facing themes include a revenge fantasy for Ireland's submerged classes (Moonlight), latent social collapse (Leuctra)and the hunger for new markets (Interpretive Centre).  Turning inwards, Your Name piles neurosis upon neurosis as it splutters and jitters to a climax over an unnerving seven and a half minutes.