The Altered Hours are a five-piece music group based in Cork city, Ireland. IN HEAT NOT SORRY is their first full length album, recorded at the Funkhaus studio in Berlin and released through Art For Blind and Penske Recordings.

Following their work with Fabien Leseure on the Sweet Jelly Roll EP (A Recordings) in 2013, plans were made to further explore the potential for capturing the band’s intense live energy. The group returned to Berlin in 2014 and spent three weeks exploring, experimenting and recording with Leseure at the controls.

The project began with a great variety of songs and ideas, a unique and cohesive style emerged with an emphasis on live recording.

The resulting ten tracks are representative of the group’s evolution – beginning with a lush psychedelic sound and pushing towards a stark headspace. This album has been influenced by the beautifully dismal surroundings of the 1950s Funkhaus studio building (a former DDR radio center). In many ways IN HEAT NOT SORRY‘s sound and atmosphere encapsulates the band’s ongoing fascination with testing and sometimes disrupting that fine balance between tranquility and chaos.



Aoife Underwater is the collaboration of musicians Aoife Cleary and Fergal Davis.  Citing influences from French electro outfit AIR to Lana Del Rey, Aoife Underwater merges their lush electro-pop sound with edgy vocals to create a sonic impact on the listener.  Their recent EP ‘On the Cusp’ showcases a melodic blend of songs rich in texture and imagery. The infectious electro-pop sensibilities of “On the Cusp of Nothing” kick things off.  Cool, sexy vocals are complemented by a dirty bass line on “Loosen Your Grip” and countered by the playful melody of “Distraction”.  Downtempo tracks “You Didn’t Break” and “When You’re Not Around” round things out.


August Wells is a musical project created by Ken Griffin and John Rauchenberger in New York. Griffin is the former creative mind behind the groups, Rollerskate Skinny, Kid Silver and Favourite Sons. The music of August Wells has been described as “Strange other worldly chamber music”, “Sinatra singing Lou Reed songs” and “The secret marriage of Willy Nelson and Lee Hazlewood”. Songs to walk across your troubled heart with.

“This charming man possesses possibly the most evocative, even beautiful, Irish singing voice ever recorded” – Barry Egan (The Sunday Independent)

“you’ll want to familiarize yourself with Madness is the Mercy, pronto”
– Pop matters

‘The Undiscovered Genius of Kenneth Griffin’
– Drowned In Sound


Autre Monde is Paddy Hanna, Padraig Cooney, Mark Chester and Eoghan O'Brien.  They are from Dublin in Ireland and they share a tangled history in many Popical Island Collective related bands including Land Lovers, Skelocrats, Ginnels, No Monster Club and Grand Pocket Orchestra.

The bands first four singles were championed by Nialler9 ("a delight), The Irish Times ("displaying a fine-line of early-1980's-inspired rock"), ("immediate sophistication") and The Thin Air ("as debut material goes, this is as good as it gets").  This early acclaim has led to an appearance at the Sounds from a Safe Harbour music trail in Cork, and also to opening for The Dears on the Irish leg of their European tour.

Following that ebullient reception, a self-titled EP is next up.  These 4 cuts see the band delving into murkier territory informed by Can, Total Control and John Foxx before sweetening the pill with Interpretive Centre's Television-meets-Go-Betweens melodicism.  Public-facing themes include a revenge fantasy for Ireland's submerged classes (Moonlight), latent social collapse (Leuctra)and the hunger for new markets (Interpretive Centre).  Turning inwards, Your Name piles neurosis upon neurosis as it splutters and jitters to a climax over an unnerving seven and a half minutes.


Bear Worship is a celebration. It's about positivity and realism, love and friends, passion and nostalgia, and the need for creativity. After a string of well regarded singles which have received airplay on RTE and the BBC, featured in myriad blogs, and ended up in a number of end-of-year lists, Bear Worship’s debut album WAS was released on the 15th June 2017.

The backbone of WAS’s sound is drums and bass guitar, and layered above are swathes of synthesizer, guitar, arpeggios, and harmonies, all topped off with Bear Worship’s distinctive vocals. Sonically it lies somewhere between Grizzly Bear and Animal Collective, with other touchstones being Deerhunter, St Vincent, Oh No Ono, Giorgio Moroder, Air, Tame Impala, and the Beach Boys. The songs were written and recorded between Bear Worship's home studio and Stephen Shannon's Experimental Audio (Adrian Crowley, Barry McCormack, the Late David Turpin, Strands).

In their exclusive album premiere, The Thin Air —who consider Bear Worship as “one of the country’s very best musical talents right now”— describe WAS as a “prismatic traipse of melodically rich, compositionally ambitious alt-pop”. A statement of intent from an artist who believes that, in music, imagination and exploration are paramount.

“While I vaguely resent a track burying itself into my brain for over 48 hours, it’s testament to just how glorious a piece of music this is. And that’s before you get to the utterly sublime production, in which the attention to detail takes the track up another level still." – BBC Across The Line (Shimmerings, Track for the Day)

9/10 - “Ultimately, this is probably the most musically experimental and adventurous Irish album you’re likely to hear this year” (Hot Press Magazine).

Album of the Week - “Karl Knuttel’s debut album under the moniker of Bear Worship has a hypnagogic quality to it, last heard so prominently in music when Animal Collective were at their Merriweather Post-Pavilion height.” (The Irish Times).


Boa Morte formed in Cork, Ireland in 1998, rising from the dust of a couple of ragged but respected indie bands. Their debut album, 'Soon It Will Come Time To Face The World Outside (2002), was released to widespread critical acclaim. Those impressed by the record included Uncut, Mojo, Q Magazine and John Peel. The band toured throughout Ireland and the UK playing with the likes of Teenage Fanclub, Howe Gelb and Calexico.

Boa Morte’s second album, “The Dial Waltz” (2009) followed a similar aesthetic and was equally well-received, Q magazine hailing the record as a “supremely elegant sound-track for staring into your half-empty pint.” 

Set for release this October, the band's third album ‘Before There Was Air’ sees Boa Morte infuse their brand of slow-burning, alternative folk with elements of electronic, ambient and new-classical music. The album was recorded last year at Herbert Place Studios, with James Darkin at the desk. To fully capture the subtleties of the band’s quiet dynamic, Darkin installed them in the same room with the mics opened wide. The basic tracks were then layered with analogue synths, drones, piano, wind, strings and effects.

You can hear a decade of hard won experience on ‘Before There Was Air’, a record that distills broad musical influences to enhance their singular, tuneful avant-folk, while remaining distinctly Boa Morte.


Hailing from the seaside village of Tramore in Co. Waterford, Ireland, The Casanova Wave is the creative outlet of Brian McCartan. Emerging as one of Ireland’s brightest electronic acts in the Autumn of 2010, the ‘shimmering, chiming electro-pop’ on his eponymous debut EP was described by Jim Carroll of The Irish Times as “leaving you wanting more”. His sound could be described as a happy-go-lucky mix of warm electronica complemented with live instrumentation and an array of looped sounds. In many respects his sound is a reflection of summer with melodies that burst with bouncing rhythms, bright guitars and pulsing synths. 


James Darkin is one of Ireland's most sought after producers and engineers. Well known from his role as Head Engineer of Temple Lane Recording Studios, James has worked on sessions with Kanye West,, and Rihanna for 'Love The Way You Lie', over his decade plus on the scene. He has produced albums for The Mighty Stef, Propeller Palms and the debut record from Wounds, ‘Die Young, signed to Razor & Tie Records in the US.  Recent mix credits include Hozier, Plutonic Dust and the forthcoming album from Funeral Suits, as well as remixes for Katie Kim, R.S.A.G and Come On Live Long. His original compositions cross numerous genres, touching on electronica, rock and hip-hop among others. James’ track “We’re In” is featured in the Panti Bliss documentary ‘The Queen of Ireland'.  

The songs on his debut electronic album, ‘Go No Matter What’ set a dark and sometimes sinister tone moving across a rich mercurial landscape.  With influences ranging from Trent Reznor to Clint Mansell ‘Go No Matter What’ takes the listener on a visceral journey


Dioscó Na mBó are two lads from Easkey Co. Sligo who make music using vintage analog synths. Their sound has been described by blogs as “warm, fluffy, magical psychedelic pop”, “undeniably danceable”, and “a catchy blend of disco, funk, and kaleidoscopic pop”. They have been likened to The Beta Band, Todd Terje and St. Germain.  

The lyrical content of the songs aims to subvert traditional themes by luring listeners into a familiar place and then dismantling that over-used arbritary song topic while also attempting to replace it with content which the band think is worth thinking about.

Songs such as We Can Run (which explores nostalgia and ignorance), Nobody’s Ghost (which explores the feelings felt after the passing of a friend), and Vanua (which explores the relationship between the self and the land and attitudes to climate change) attempt to mix the listener’s primary understanding of the song topic up with the vibe and subsequent meaning to create something else, rather than a typical love song or something else already sung about billions of times.

Live the two mix their synth sounds with guitars, drums, samples and vocals which makes for an instrument-swapping live performance. They have been known to explore some house and acid sounds along the way and improvisation is always an important part of a show in order not to stray too far from the musicianship of a live band.


Ginnels is Mark Chester, Paddy Hanna and Bobby Aherne from Grand Pocket Orchestra and No Monster Club, with Squarehead’s Roy Duffy and Ruan Van Vliet. They describe their gloriously excitable and gorgeous music as “like your favourite Byrds and Feelies records being drowned out by your dickhead neighbour’s stoned ‘noise jams’. Except actually good”.

After releasing two acclaimed releases in 2011, the self titled album ‘Ginnels’ and the mini album ‘Mountbatten Class’ (Long Lost Records), In 2012, Ginnels decided with infinite wisdom to record a 20-song, hour-long, double mess of an album called ‘Crowns’. Following a fantastic reception for the (now out of print) double, with appearances on many end of year lists and many more glowing reviews, the band were approached by Spanish label Tenorio Cotobade in 2013 to put out an LP, ‘Plumes’ comprising a selection of previously released tracks from the first three albums.

A ‘Country Life’ is a bit of a departure in so much as it’s the first Ginnels release to involve ‘proper drums’ and also the first non-compilation LP release by the band. Meant from the beginning to be a focused ‘pure pop’ 37 minute album, a direct response to the supposed ‘death of the album’ and an attempt to try and make something shiny and unashamedly not lo-fi, ‘A Country Life’ takes its cues from classic songwriting and a desire to air grievances in public. That said, with absolutely no budget, the drums being recorded in a cupboard and everything else recorded in a 6’x6’ box room, some things haven’t changed. 


Hostess is the new solo moniker of former Cap Pas Cap front-woman, Gráinne Dee, who released her debut LP, ‘A Simple Life’ in October 2018 on After the Quake Records. The record is the product of a period following the demise of Cap Pas Cap, when Dee hunkered down to solitary demo building in her Dublin City home seeking a response to personal tumult that a blank canvas can afford. From these lo-fi experiments came eight daubs of melancholia - swathed in lugubrious synth and plaintive vocal lines buried in the ether - which Dee then brought to long-time collaborator Stephen Shannon (Estel/Cap Pas Cap) at Experimental Audio Studios in early 2017. Loss and alienation are explored across all eight tracks but this is not what defines the album. From the PIL-esque ambiguity of Frustration’s ‘mother dreaming of falling cats’ to the gospel-echo strains of album closer Simples, we are left with a sense of something remembered and worked through. For a critically acclaimed album that came close to never being recorded, perseverance has won through to produce a compelling debut that tingles in its immediacy and will swell the heart of anyone who has come out the other side. Alongside such notaries as U2, the cranberries and the Pogues, RTÉ have declared A Simple life as one of the best Irish debuts ever.


Katie Kim is the pseudonym of Katie Sullivan when she performs and records her Slowcore, ethereal, ambient indie/folk. De-tuned guitars and sparse piano playing, walls of loops and echoing vocals come to the fore, along with grisly tones, haunting and experimental flavours. All of which is executed with subtle, cinematic simplicity. Paired with a voice that reviewers and fans alike, have tried to liken to many, but end up agreeing, that Katie Kim’s style is entirely of her own making.

On her latest album, 'Salt', Katie delves a bit darker, incorporating drone like textures all of which is complemented by delicate, intoxicating vocals.  The album takes you on a stellar, intense journey from start to finish.  Her song “Day is Coming” can be heard in the trailer for the Netflix documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’. In addition to 'Salt', Katie Kim has released two studio albums to date: Twelve and Cover & Flood and as well as the single "Foreign Fleas". She has also scored an original soundtrack for the 1928 surrealist Germain Dulac silent film, "La Coquille et Le Clergyman", commissioned by The Cork French Film Festival, which she also performed with her full band, live, in front of a sold out audience. This original score will be released as part of a multimedia package.    


Founding members and key contributors to the Popical Island collective in Ireland (Paddy Hanna, Tieranniesaur, Squarehead, Ginnels, No Monster Club, etc.), Land Lovers are central to the ever-growing Dublin guitar pop scene in recent years. The band have also toured with and opened for the likes of Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Yuck, The Mantles, Nodzzz, Ham Sandwich and The Wave Pictures.

Having started life as the solo project of Padraig Cooney, releasing the album Romance Romance, Land Lovers became a 5-piece band for the Immovable Feet EP and the acclaimed Confidants LP. In the gap between that album and new record The Rooks Have Returned, the band collaborated with Limerick’s Choice Prize-nominated Windings on a split LP.

Meanwhile, Cooney made 2 albums as Skelocrats and bassist Shane Murphy made music with Switzerland and No Monster Club. Drummer Maggie Fagan (Grand Pocket Orchestra) and keyboardist Conor Deasy (Biggles Flys Again, Tomorrows) joined the band in 2015. Guitarist Ciaran Canavan is a mainstay.


With Michael Stevens on songwriting, guitars and vocals;  Ruan van Vliet on drums, vibes and artwork, and Mark Chester on Bass, vocals, mixing and mastering, Lie Ins are thrashy lo-fi literate songmakers whose wry take on Irish life has received plaudits at home and abroad.

Previously a guitar/drums two-piece, their debut album “Death To Lie Ins” was a fun-filled blast of acoustic punk. A new single out this year “Love in the Arctic” saw the addition of Chester and a new electric sound. Lie Ins are currently recording an album.



Milky Teeth is the solo moniker for Cork guitarist and songwriter, Robbie Barron, who is better known for his endeavors with Cork bands The Shaker Hymn and John Blek & The Rats.

Some downtime from Shaker Hymn commitments over the the last few years have allowed Barron to pen his own compositions, and put the final touches on the debut Milky Teeth album, which is due for completion and release before 2018 is out.

Produced, engineered, and mixed in his home studio, Milky Teeth's music has been described as a "first-rate slice of woozy throwback-pop".


Somber toned songwriter Naoise Roo’s music combines stark vulnerability with a dynamic visceral vocal delivery. Her debut album  "Lilith", a collection of compelling tracks, examines the subjects of sex, death and relationships.  The album is a force of nature, its daring truthful songwriting shows a commanding presence that insists you sit up and take notice. The musical styles range from hard grunge, to ambient electronica, lush indie rock and Jacque Brel-channeling burlesque. The diverse influences in her music have drawn comparisons to Radiohead, PJ Harvey, Nick Cave and Amanda Palmer. 


Neon Atlas is a Cork-based alt-indie outfit that has been drawing accolades from local and national media across Ireland.  Shifting between dreamy melodies and chunky guitar rhythms, Neon Atlas have drawn comparisons to Weezer, Silversun Pickups and Teenage Fanclub.  A new album will be released later this year, a followup to 2015’s critically acclaimed ‘Graffiti Reality’ which was nominated for numerous awards and which critics noted "has a serious musical punch".  Their latest single “Move in Circles” is currently play listed on 2FM. 

Oozes with Tim Wheeler-like melodies and Weezer-esque riffs…..the LP shines thanks to super- slick production……. packs plenty of punch.“- HOT PRESS

Ring is a captivating vocalist and the band have a finely tuned sense of melody“. – IRISH INDEPENDENT

Hard to beat a solid, catchy riff – and that’s what helped bury this one into our brains. Fantastic drumming and a sneering vocal also played their part in a pretty relentless three minutes of indie-pop gold.” BBC ACROSS THE LINE


New Valley Wolves are Jonny Lucey and Baz Joyce.

New Valley Wolves are here to rescue you from soft rock/indie idiocy. They've built their reputation as Ireland's fiercest live band through relentless gigging at home and abroad. With a sound bigger than an A-Bomb and energy that borders on psychotic, New Valley Wolves play dirty, blues rock riffs with a sinister edge.

 "The Dublin rock duo of Jonny Lucey and Baz Joyce cram their high-octane rock'n'roll with bluesy riffs and distorted roars in the style of Sabbath and Motorhead, sonics designed to facilitate an old-fashioned wildness that never goes out of fashion." - Nialler9, The Irish Times



No Monster Club is the nom de plume of Dublin's Bobby Aherne, who is regularly joined onstage and on record by fellow members of the Popical Island collective. In addition to his work as sound designer for the National Leprechaun Museum, his music has been used for campaigns by the likes of Skullcandy and Virgin Media, and has featured on the soundtracks of the feature films 'NOW', 'Famous Nathan' & 'Pussywillow Dirtbags'. No Monster Club's vast, critically acclaimed back catalogue includes releases on a host of indie label heavyweights, including Popical Island, Mirror Universe, Emotional Response, CF Records & Already Dead Records.