Naoise Roo

Naoise Roo's intoxicating new single "Black Hole" out now!

Naoise Roo Blackhole

'Black Hole' is the first single from Naoise Roo's forthcoming EP, Sick Girlfriend - a four-track exploration of themes surrounding depression, the challenges of the music industry and the oppressive stereotypes that burden women experiencing mental illness. Lyrically, 'Black Hole' explores the idea of one's inner emptiness and trying to seek happiness in the wrong places, while musically grounded by a driving beat and intoxicating synth lines. Joining Naoise on the single is Daniel Fox (Girl Band), Rian Trench (Solar Bears), Karl Tobin and produced by Liam Mulvaney (Girl Band).  Give a listen to ‘Black Hole’ here!

Naoise Roo releases video for "Whore"

Naoise Roo's new video for her single "Whore" is an intense visual journey into one priest's struggle with his faith.  The video is directed by Bob Gallagher (Girl Band, Miles Manley, Spies). On the inspiration behind the concept, Bob Gallagher said, "The title of the song is quite striking and provocative, so I started thinking about why that word has such power and where the dynamic of that word changes from being something slanderous or negative to something aspirational".  Religion and sexuality are at the center of the video and on that Naoise says, “Religion and sexuality have had centuries of conflict and in Ireland we know this all too well. But at the root of it sexuality and sexual energy are the essence of being human.”