In 2014 Will de Burca's released his highly-acclaimed debut album "Tomorrow's Light & Darkness" - a mix of ambient dance and vintage electronic sounds, which 'The Irish Times' likened to DJ Shadows “Entroducing". Will's album finished at number 6 in 2fm's 'The Alternative' Top 50 Irish albums’ end-of-year poll. Other stations included Radio 1, 98fm, fm104 and BBC 6 in the UK. Redbull Music did a feature on the video to the single 'Visions We Have Are Fading Away'. The Official Bruce Lee Foundation also tweeted 'Mandarin Superstar' on his 75th birthday. In 2017 Will released his second album "Embedded" and played Friday night at the Electric Picnic. His musical influence would be Jan Hammer, DJ Shadow, RJD2, James Lavelle, Chemical Brothers, Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer.