Dioscó Na mBó are two lads from Easkey Co. Sligo who make music using vintage analog synths. Their sound has been described by blogs as “warm, fluffy, magical psychedelic pop”, “undeniably danceable”, and “a catchy blend of disco, funk, and kaleidoscopic pop”. They have been likened to The Beta Band, Todd Terje and St. Germain.  

The lyrical content of the songs aims to subvert traditional themes by luring listeners into a familiar place and then dismantling that over-used arbritary song topic while also attempting to replace it with content which the band think is worth thinking about.

Songs such as We Can Run (which explores nostalgia and ignorance), Nobody’s Ghost (which explores the feelings felt after the passing of a friend), and Vanua (which explores the relationship between the self and the land and attitudes to climate change) attempt to mix the listener’s primary understanding of the song topic up with the vibe and subsequent meaning to create something else, rather than a typical love song or something else already sung about billions of times.

Live the two mix their synth sounds with guitars, drums, samples and vocals which makes for an instrument-swapping live performance. They have been known to explore some house and acid sounds along the way and improvisation is always an important part of a show in order not to stray too far from the musicianship of a live band.